Su said sixteen delightful pleasures ...

Su said sixteen delightful pleasures of life: the stream of boats sailing in shallow water; light rain bamboo window Nocturne; summer to imkye Maundy; rain CASTLE mountains; liuyin River embankment busy line; flowers dock Zunqian smile; every other country Temple Wen Zhong; east flute next month; Morningside half column Ming; afternoon party rattan pillow tired; do not open every urn Xie Tao; pick Dress vain; begging named after flowers bloom; flying birds himself; to drain off Stephen Pengcha; Fuqin listener Concert 苏东坡说人生赏心十六件乐事:清溪浅水行舟;微雨竹窗夜话;暑至临溪濯足;雨后登楼看山;柳荫堤畔闲行;花坞樽前微笑;隔江山寺闻钟;月下东邻吹箫;晨兴半柱茗香;午倦一方藤枕;开瓮勿逢陶谢;接客不着衣冠;乞得名花盛开;飞来家禽自语;客至汲泉烹茶;抚琴听者知音 QQ图片20151113150717    width:100%;">

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